Recording and Production:

It has been said that we can almost produce anything. From Boy Bands to Cold Play, to UB40 and Norah Jones. Not forgetting the huge array of dance and RnB artists that we mix and produce. Regardless of genre, we have a wide selection of microphones, modules, samples and processors to cater for the perfect recording session, whether you play Jazz, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Indie, Metal, Country or Gospel. Have a listen to some of the sample tracks on our home page, this will give you an idea of the quality you’re dealing with at Hollywood Studios

Song Writing & Producing:

Song writing is an art, absolutely anybody can write a song but not everyone can write a hit! This is where true skill, raw talent and experience can make a huge difference. We like to advise our clients on their work and give only valuable and constructive criticism (if you need it of course). Knowing how to write good lyrics, juggle melodies, arrange song parts and knowing what is perhaps best to play are just a few things that can make the difference between a hit and a miss. There’s nothing worse than having a solid chorus in a song, only to be let down by a dull Verse or a lazy middle eight section. We’re passionate about music, and we like to think of this as added value. Most importantly, you can never stop learning and anybody that claims they know everything is clearly delusional!

Full Mixing Services:

Many of our clients are professional dance DJs who produce their own music and only require our mixing services. Getting the right vibe and ideas together for a track is something which can easily be done in a bedroom. However, when it comes to commercially releasing material, that’s where we can make a difference. There’s nothing worse than a poor mix that sounds muddy and low in volume. A good mix can transform a song from cradle to grave and no matter how much time is spent trying to correct imperfections during the mastering stage, the difference a good mix can make is staggering. Ultimately, this brings us as close to sonic perfection as we can possibly get.

Mastering and Duplication:

We strongly recommend that we master any material that is recorded at Hollywood Studios ourselves, as we would obviously know more about the dynamics of the material. Most importantly mastering is an art form in its own right; it’s not just about making things LOUD or putting your mix through a few ‘Wave’ Plug Ins. Over compression, bad EQ, phased imaging and distortion can ruin your work and also our reputation.
Once your project is mixed and mastered, we can assist you with artwork, photography, printing and duplication. Prices for duplication depend on the quantity required. Please ask us for more details.

Music Videos:

Shoot a music video in High Definition from as little as £500.00. The ultimate marketing tool to promote yourself on the internet! Use our Green and Blue screen facility to add special backgrounds and effects, bring along your mini DV tapes and use the footage in your video. Publish your music videos online, view them in amazing quality utilising Flash video technology. Other formats available include DVD, Interactive CD Rom and Blue-ray.

Work Shops:

We regularly hold educational workshops (daytimes and evenings) and master class’s covering a wide range of subjects i.e. Music Production, Advanced Music Production, Audio Engineering and Professional DJ classes with special guest appearances from industry professionals from time to time. Prices for workshops are set at £20.00 per head and run for 90 minutes, we also give you the chance to network and ask questions afterwards. Refreshments are available free of charge to workshop participants.

Development and Consultancy:

We offer free consultations to all of our clients covering the entire music business. We can give you valuable advice and put you in touch with the right people, whether you need a music lawyer or, would just like to learn more about the business

Internet Marketing and Social Networking:

With record companies no longer at the forefront of creative minds, more and more artists are turning to the internet as a way of marketing and distributing their material. Two of the most popular sites are itunes and MySpace. We offer our clients valuable advice, we like to supply the artist with the necessary knowledge and ability to register their work correctly, most importantly legally i.e. help with sample clearances etc. Artists can then have their material played on the radio, earn royalties and maximise their income. There is also the possibility to ‘sync’ material for use in television programmes and commercials.

Professional Pod Casting:

Pod casting is taking over the world of entertainment, once your project is complete why not record a professional pod cast in the studio, include artwork, live audio, video, interviews and more. We’ll give it that ‘Radio One’ sound; create the ultimate marketing tool for your project!

Backing Tracks:

Professional backing tracks are available to assist Cabaret Artists who regularly perform on the entertainment circuit. These can be digitally mastered to Minidisk or CD for personal use. Please don’t mistake us for poor quality backing tracks, ours are professionally mixed and used by many performing artists on the live entertainment circuit. Artists can even record their own backing vocals if they like.

Please visit our sister company for a range of professional backing tracks.