Welcome to Hollywood Studios!

Having the right atmosphere is key to creativity and relaxation, with our superb acoustics and a never ending list of pro audio equipment plus our amazing staff, Hollywood Studios makes the dream recording, mixing and mastering environment a reality, delivering products and services world wide to the highest professional standards. We record and produce music for film, television and computer games as well as a host of world class music artists.

Hollywood Studios along with its sister company Hollywood Media also cater for a number of small businesses and large organisations, specialising in product and company identity, advertising and marketing. Services include Photography, Video Advertising, Graphic Design and 3D Animation. Please visit www.hollywoodmedia.co.uk for more information on these services.


With virtually every ‘Plug In’ and ‘Vst Instrument’ at your finger tips, along with a whole host of popular keyboards, sound modules, and ‘Class A’ signal processors, the only limit is imagination, but at Hollywood Studios we’re also great thinkers! The studio is also home to professional BMI song writer and record producer Colin Preston who since 2000 has achieved various worldwide successes. “The success of the recording session is mostly down to the talents, skills and expertise of the engineer and producer, I’ve had many artists tell me how disappointed they are with their previous recordings, the answer is simple. It’s far better to spend £500 on one amazing recording than it is to waste £500 on ten recordings that in my professional opinion are only fit for the bin. After working in some of the world’s finest recording studios there’s not much I haven’t seen and heard over the years. The acoustics at Hollywood Studios are amazing, complete with bass traps on the back walls and ceilings, plus the all round sound absorption; I guarantee you won’t find any unwanted reflections or frequencies floating around. The acoustics alone are inspiring”.
Colin Preston - October 2007