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Singles Deal £500 Inc Vat.

Please do not compare us to the average! What you get is a professional finished product. Take a listen to the many examples on our ‘Home’ page. This deal includes the recording, mixing, mastering, photography, design, artwork and one CD master, please see duplication in ‘Services’ if you require multiple copies. Prices are the same for bands as solo artists.

Shoot a Music Video from £500.00 Inc Vat.

Shot in High Definition on location or at our studio, we’ll help you with a storey board and distribution. Includes one DVD master and files in a choice of formats, please see duplication in ‘Services’ if you require multiple copies. Prices are the same for bands as solo artists.

Drums & Drummers:

At Hollywood Studios you’ll find the very latest ‘Roland TD20’ V Drums. We love the TD20 because it feels acoustic, it almost looks acoustic, most importantly with Roland’s touch technology and our huge professional sample library it sounds acoustic! You can hear this in a number of sample tracks on our home page. If you’re a stubborn technophobe there is always the option to use a real drum kit!

Guitars & Guitarists:

Come in, plug in and get stuck in. Alternatively you can choose from a huge professional sample library of guitars in many different styles and genres. If you’re a Professional then we’ll set up the heads in the control room and mike up the cabs in the studio!

Keyboards & Keyboardists:

Choose from a range of 88 key weighted and un-weighted keyboards including the Roland Fantom X88 (fully expanded). You’ll also find every popular keyboard and sound module used in contemporary music along with a huge selection of Vintage Synths, Organs, Vintage Rhodes and Clavinova’s.

Wind & Percussion:

We have the space! We can record string quartets and solo instruments, we also have a choice of professional percussion instruments available from Latin Percussion Bongo’s, Shakers and Tambourines to East West’s Platinum Symphonic Orchestra Collection, which is absolutely mind blowing!

Vocals & Vocalists:

We pride ourselves on achieving world class results. We have a choice of industry standard microphones available, including the Neumann U87. Our expertise is the key to capturing a great performance both technically and physically whether you’re after a simple and organic sounding vocal or a fat and layered pop vocal and backing vocals